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Malcolm Thomas (born 4 February 2002) is a Queens-born dynamic and multifaceted independent creator and social media personality of Scottish-Caribbean descent. Embarked on a journey that blends artistry, entrepreneurship, and a profound passion for fashion.

Driven by a vision to transform and elevate the fashion landscape, Malcolm, known more widely as Malcolm MCO, made the strategic move to Central Florida with the main goal of establishing an artistic and fashion centric narrative. Working with new and established talent & Infusing new life into the underground creative scenes of Orlando & Miami.


Balancing the demands of the runway with a commitment to fitness, Malcolm is not only a seasoned weightlifter but also a dedicated practitioner of calisthenics. His rigorous training regimen reflects not only in his physique but also in the confidence and poise he brings to the runway.

At the forefront of his creative endeavors is "Coast Cassette," Malcolm's brainchild that seamlessly combines vintage and streetwear elements. The brand is set to unveil its inaugural line in January 2024, promising a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary style.

In addition to his pioneering work with "Coast Cassette," Malcolm is the proud owner of "Market MCO," a vintage customs brand currently known for its abundance of repurposed and secondhand curated pieces extending into its own creators market. With a vision that extends beyond fashion, he aspires to transform "Market MCO" into the largest artistic event in Orlando, reminiscent of the prestigious Art Basel.

Beyond the fashion world, Malcolm wears many hats. He is an accomplished bartender, a skilled graphic designer serving as the Art Director for the renowned "FilmGate Miami," and a versatile traditional artist and photographer. His diverse skill set sets him apart as a true Renaissance creator, capable of bringing a unique perspective to every project.

Currently curating looks for an upcoming lookbook/magazine connected to "Market MCO," Malcolm is a true visionary, constantly pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. His flexibility and willingness to travel make him a valuable asset for collaborations and projects. Ready for new challenges and collaborations, Malcolm stands as a testament to the fusion of creativity, entrepreneurship, and cultural richness, promising a vibrant and inspired journey for those who choose to embark with him.


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